About Us

A Special Moment was started by our founder, Jeremy Russell, as part of his life long interest in video. Jeremy’s love of television began as a child. Watching cartoons, he was attracted to the constant action on the screen and the how the story was presented.

As he continued to age, his interest in watching sports and other events allowed him to observe all of the different styles of production. He then decided to take that interest and put it into action by learning and exploring more about television production.

While growing up, he was also around the various aspects of the industry as his father worked at television stations in the Charlotte market. Jeremy then started working with the weekly television program his church produced. It was at that point he knew he had a desire to be involved in the broadcast field, much to the dismay of his father who encouraged him to find a better paying field. Still, he knew that the love of the craft was something that he felt was a skill that he had.

Mr. Russell’s career continued in the broadcast industry, allowing him to be trained in numerous techniques and methods. The desire to share his experience and knowledge to create memorable videos for others to enjoy led him to start the company.

Jeremy works to use his love of video and his years of experience to ensure that every event that the company captures will be A Special Moment!

Please feel free to e-mail Jeremy with any questions that you may have. jeremy@aspecialmoment.us