Moments You Will Miss If You Do Not Hire A Videographer

We at A SPECIAL MOMENT know how important memories are. Capturing your wedding is an important honor for us. The thing that makes weddings extra special is that it only happens once. There are no do-overs, no take twos, and no repeat performances. Most of the couples are usually willing to splurge on the wedding details just to ensure that their wedding day turns out as close to perfection as possible. From the tiniest details like the reception escort cards to the huge deal, which is the bridal gown, the newlyweds deserve nothing less than the best, as it is their own momentous day.

Other couples would sometimes opt for the easier route out and think that they can simply assign all of the filming to be done by a relative or left to be accomplished by guests using their smartphones and compact cameras. Yet what they fail to consider is that the wedding day isn’t just another ordinary day and that breath-taking moments during the day only gets to be shot once. Some spend so much money on everything else and then overlook videography as an after thought. Let us take a look at some of the magical moments that you will miss once the couple doesn’t hire a wedding videographer:

1-The Wedding Breakfast Story. Witness how it all starts out, as the soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. starts their own glorious day individually, as the groomsmen and bridesmaids try to help out in any way possible and as they transform themselves in preparation of the big day ahead.

2-The venue. Yes you can have a still of it but that only tells part of the story. With video you can see exactly just how bright the sun was shining and exactly just how nicely decorated it was. With video you are able to flow from one part of the day to the next in a smooth way, capturing every detai.

3-Slipping in to the dress. This is it! The moment you have waited for all your life. Now as you slip into the dress for the last time as a single woman, your new life is about to begin. Watch as the realization hits you as you slip into this dress that will wow your husband.

4-The Guest’s Arrival. You get to see your friends and loved ones arrive and sign your guestbook as they are about to share this Special Moment with you!

5-The Groom’s Tension. As the clock ticks, the groom’s mix of anxiety and excitement simply becomes more and more obvious. The bride will surely appreciate being able to see these little precious moments on film.

6-The Groom’s Tears Seeing Her Bride Walk Down the Aisle. It is in that show-stopping moment that the earth seems to move slower and that every single worry melts away with each step of the bride. Nothing can ever quite describe how that moment can ever be more special, except of course if you have that tear and walk immortalized in a wedding video.

7-The Crowd’s Reaction. With the bride and groom locked in their gaze at each other, the invited family, friends, and loved ones are overwhelmed with bliss and love as well. Have those ooohs and gasps on film for the newlyweds to see that point in time from a different perspective.

8-The Bride With Her Father. This moment is absolutely a tearjerker on its own as the father accompanies her beloved daughter in her last walk bearing her maiden last name.

9-The Promise. These heartfelt vows are the epitome of what the entire day stands for, that two individuals promise to unite together as one. To get that part in a wedding video is absolutely different from getting it in print or in a photo.

10-The First Kiss Quiver. Yes, the phrase “you may now kiss the bride” is such an iconic part of the day. But then the pressure builds up, as the idea of kissing in front of so many people and on such an important occasion becomes a reality. Catch that epic moment on film and let the couple savor their first kiss for an entire lifetime, as superb or as awkward as it may be.

11-The Biggest Smile Leaving the Altar as Mr. & Mrs. Their gleaming moment as husband and wife starts with gigantic smiles on their faces, which might be because they are finally married or simply because the hard part is over and they get to the fun part which is the party.

12-The Grand Entrance. Announcing the arrival of the new Mr. & Mrs. is electrifying not only for the newlyweds but for the entire wedding party as well. Catch all of those beaming smiles and cheers on film as the bride and groom struts their way into the venue. Also, the couple gets to see a glimpse of how the venue looked like and what was happening as the bridal party was introduced.

13-The Romantic First Dance. As each couple gets to pick their own song and their own style of going about the dance, seeing the love birds on the dance floor is just reason enough why wedding videographers are an essential part of the wedding day.

14-The Heart-warming Speeches. Sentimental messages, treasured memories, and funny childhood stories are simply priceless for the bride and groom as well as the people who have gone out of their way to be there and to give a toast for the newlyweds.

15-The Father-Daughter / Mother-Son Dance. Shared moments of pure bliss and love between the bride and her father are absolutely irreplaceable and worth to be remember forever. Moments of joy as mothers dance with their son as he has grown up to now take this next step in his life are memorable. Simply taking stills or capturing the event with an iPhone does not do this the justice it deserves.

16-The Cake-Cutting. As the cake signifies the newlyweds’ first meal together as husband and wife, the cutting of the cake stands for prosperity and abundance. See their faces light up as they give each other a bite of the cake and take delight in toasting to their forevermore.

17-The Tosses. The bride and the groom each tossing their items to a group of eager singles is quite a site. With video, you can go back and watch how every one of the singles tried to either charge toward the item or in some cases tries to run away from it. This is really a fun event and something you will not be able to fully relive with just photography.

18-The Party. At this point, everyone lets it all go wild and go loud. It might be all blurred out for the husband and wife in the morning after but wedding videographers are sure to capture all of the merry making and the epic dancing.

19-Wishes. By giving guest a chance to leave words of love or advice to the newlyweds on the video, this offers guests and interactive experience to be involved even more with the couple on their special day. This also gives a chance for the couple to go back and hear words of wisdom from their beloved guests who wish to see them have a happy and healthy marriage.

20- The Send off. The moment where the couple now leaves the party for their first night together and the guests send them off in style in love and with well wishes.